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Sensitech's software products provide the means to download, display, analyze, configure and report on the detailed data collected by Sensitech® TempTale®4 monitors. Two options are available; TempTale Manager® Desktop (TTMD) and ColdStream®.

TempTale Manager Desktop (TTMD) is an application that provides support on your desktop. This application, installed on a user’s PC allows for review and local file storage of monitor data.

The USB Interface Plus Reader provides the communications link between a TempTale®4 monitor and a standard USB port. It is used for downloading time-and-temperature data recorded by the monitor to your PC for viewing, analysis, and archiving.

The USB Interface Plus Reader includes a software CD containing a USB driver that allows it to work on Windows®-based PCs. Once the USB driver is installed, the USB driver creates a virtual COM port on the PC, ready for connection to the USB Interface Plus Reader.

TripStrip® Remote Printer provides immediate access to time-temperature information without using a computer, software, or reader. The TripStrip supplies you with detailed shipment information, enabling quick, on-the-spot, accept/reject decisions without additional equipment. With its integrated thermal printer and liquid crystal display (LCD), the TripStrip offers two methods to view your time-temperature graphs and trip summary statistic; a printed record and an on-screen display. The universal AC/DC power input and rechargeable battery ensures reliable operation where you need it: in the office, on the dock, or in the cab.

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